Feb 08

Junior World Championship 2016 – Update 1

Dear Iceboaters, Coaches, Parents

The main Junior Event is closer and closer. I realize that every of you is wondering where they are going to take place. There is no sailable ice in Poland, Lithuania so the primary site – Estonia – primary site and Latvia as the reserve are the countries where we still can sail on JWC 2016. Due to Estonian Ice Sailing Union members we have information about three sailable lakes in Estonia. There is still aproximetally 20-25 cm of hard ice. According to the weather forecasts after a few warmer days, it is going to freeze again on the nearest Thurday, the 11th of Feb.

It`s still to early to point the best spot so please, stay tuned.

I hope to inform you as soon as it is possible about the place of JWC 2016.

Think Ice

Jerzy Sukow, P-345, IDNIYRA JPM


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Feb 05

Pictures from EC/WC 2016 – Update

Hi, by this link you can download pictures form WC / EC 2016.
Photos are available only for personal use :)


Have a nice day
Pavlina :)

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Feb 01

Racing day begins

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Jan 31

World and European Championship 2016 Conclusions

Dear Friends

we were lucky this time to have pulled off  both Championships. It is not only the weather allowing us to do that. There is a lot of volunteers and People involved to get it done each other year. We are an Amateur sport. Therefore we need People in the Board and running the races who are willing and capable to do so. This year, most of you may have realized,   there were changes in the  PRC and an independant PRO was in place. For all of them it was the first time to work in this international combination. Without these People we could not continue our Amateur Sport at such a professional level! With Daan Schütte (DN Vice World Champion from 1998)  and Hennie van der Brink together with Kuba Mihalczyk and his team we were very lucky to have the Expertise needed.  Thanks you!!! Further all the voluntary board members worked perfectly hand in hand! Thanks to them as well. A lot  will leave the board this year or within the next years after many years of dedicated work with hundreds of hours involved. Be aware without those guys being replaced (this April the Treasurer and Commodore) the quite complex organisation cannot continue to function. Therefore the board is happy for new volunteers (perhaps you) to share responsibility for our class.

At the secreatries Meeting in Riga this year in April in Riga, we will go through the lessons learnt from this event and come up with additional ideas for the future. If you have any suggestions how to develop the class, work of the board or race management please have those passed on to us latest  until the end of march. This is important and will give us the chance to put them on the meeting’s Agenda.

Good luck at the upcoming Championships (Swedish, Polish, North Americans, Baikal and all others too).

Be aware there at this Moment there are two  boat spots left in the Container for the “Open Russian Championship” the “Asia Cup” and “Baikal Cup”  at Lake Baikal from April 2nd until April 9th 2016. If interested in further Information regarding Baikal contact H-467 “Dideric(at)me.com” immediately!

Enjoy the winter as soon its back or already!





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Jan 29

European DN Champions 2016


Congratulations to all Winners of EC 2016

European Championships 2016 – Series Standing – final

1. US- 44 Ron Sherry

2. P- 114 Michal Burczynski

3. O- 31 Madars Alvikis

4. P- 36 Karol Jablonski

5. P- 55 Tomasz Zakrzewski

6. O- 311 Matiss Alvikis

7. D- 112 Thomas Ebler

8. P- 254 Rafal Sielicki

9. P- 338 Maciej Zarnowski

10. G- 936 Jost Kolb

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Jan 28

European Championships – New Starting lists

New group spliting and new starting lists :

EC 2016 Fleet B

EC 2016 Fleet A

See you on the ice, Kuba

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Jan 28

European Championship 2016 Update 3

Dear Friends

Right now the race course got checked again. The ice surface is as perfect as it can get. Drain holes are less than 10 cm. The rain stopped. We are looking at a clear night with much lower temperatures. 2 fleets remaining. Be ready for the first start at 10:00 tomorrow. Next Information at Skippers meeting at 09:00.

Enjoy your day off!


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Jan 28

Airforce Museum Linköping

Alternative Programm

Last exit when coming from Norrköping, (Linköping West). You will find a sign to the museum. Free entrance for us.

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Jan 28

European Championships 2016 – Update 2 – Please make recheck-in

wp-1453970941863.jpgNo sailing today was announced at the skippers meeting at 9.00h. There might be a chance to sail tomorrow in a gap the weatherforecast predicts. Skippers meeting tomorrow at 9.00h on ice.

All sailors who want to start tomorrow should make a recheck-in at the Scandic Central from  12.00 – 14.00  and 16.00 – 18.00h

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Jan 27

European Championship 2016 Update 1

Der Friends

currently the lastest predictions show slightly less wind for Friday. Let’s see how the situation will have evolved until Skippers Meeting tomorrow at 09:00. Almost as usual everything is possible.

Think Ice and for slightly less wind!




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