Jan 07 2018

It`s time to register on DN Junior and Ice Optimist Championschips 2018

Dear young ice-sailors, parents and coaches

The registration fr DN Junior and Ice Optimist Word and European Championschips )JWC-JEC 2018) has been opened.

How to register in few steps?

  1. send your proof of insurance to: insurancemgr@idniyra.eu. Write your sailnumber, indicate JUNIOR if you want to start in JWC/JEC 2018 or JUNIOR and SENIOR if you want to start in JWC/JEC 2018 and WC/EC 2018
  2. If you need Single Event Insurance, please send email to insurancemgr@idniyra.eu to inform about it
  3. check your insurance ID (4-digit number here): http://idniyra.eu/juniors-checked-insurances/
  4. register with your sailnumber and insurance ID here: http://idniyra.eu/juniors-online-entry-2/
  5. pay the entry fee on the bank account number indicated in the entry confirmation email

THINK ICE and see you soon

Jerzy Sukow, P345, IDNIYRA Junior Programme Manager

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Jan 02 2018

WC/EC 2018 – Registration Open

Dear friends,
registration for WC and EC 2018 is open !
Think Ice
Niklas, OE 221

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Dec 23 2017

Merry Christmas

Dear Fellow Iceboaters,

In the name of the European Board I would like to wish you Merry Christmas, Prosperous New Year and a safe and successful ice-sailing season with lot of fun. Continue reading

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Dec 21 2017

Xmas and Ranking

Dear Iceboaters,

Xmas is on and as you may know there is sometimes not clear what comes first, Xmas or DN. This year I took some days to escape from Xmas stress and forgot to provide the website with the current ranking list. Sorry for that. I had it on a notice sheet on my desk and normally I had it ready before Dec. 15th. , but shit happens. You can be sure that the ranking list will be online here in time before the begin of the registration for WC&EC. Meanwhile you can look for your ranking in the last issue of Runner Tracks. SEE HERE Runner Tracks 09.2017

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