Oct 29

NIA Rule Test – How to

nia8Dear DN-Friends, as Joerg mentioned in the posting before, this test is mandatory for all sailors who want to participate in future european major regattas. You can test and learn as often as you want. Find the links also in the sidebar on the right.

– There are 16 questions in the pool and 3 of them were presented randomly.
– You have to select the right answer out of 2 randomly presented options.
– There were drawings to show the situation. You’ll find these drawings also on the learning pages.
– You will get your result (passed or failed) immediately together with the right answers.

So folks, take the chance and check your skills. First fill in your sailnumber and then you have to click the NEXT button. Start now!


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Oct 27

Mandatory Rule Test for the Eurpean Championship/Euro Cup 2015

Dear Iceboaters
The first boats have been out on the Ice in Russia and Finland. Time to get ready. Beside the equipment the sailors have to get ready too.  Physically and theoretically. To avoid surprises please study the following lines with care. Only those who pass the test will be allowed to participate in the major European Events from now on.

You all are aware, that the “Right of Way Rules” in Iceboating are deferring a lot from those used in Soft Water sailing!? Are you absolutely sure you know every difference? The last years showed us it is known to evrybody. This led and could lead further to  critical situations. Just printing and distributing the  rules did not solve the Problem at all. We needed  to come up with something that works. Read the rest of this entry »

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Oct 24


Dear friends,
daylight saving time will end comming Sunday (03:00 CET).
So I guess it’s time to start to assign Insurance-IDs. Until now I received about ten insurances and all of them are ok.
I hope that we will keep that percentage of correctness ;-)
I wish you all a safe season with a lot of sailing and even more fun !

Think Ice, Niklas OE 221

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Oct 24

Vikajärvi calls – The season start is just around the corner

Hello friends, welcome back to DN icesailing. The season 2014/15 will be opened by the traditional start in Vikajärvi/Finland. The estimated WE is the 14th-16th of November.
Johnny - New Secretary of DN FinlandJohn Winquist L-601 is the new secretary of DN Finland, he just published their race calendar and these dates will also be available on the IDNIYRA-Europe site soon.

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Sep 15


Dear friends,
if you use a smartphone there exists a better way than making a photo from your insurance document.
Please make life for me and you easy and use the App “CamScanner” – which you can download for free.
Android: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=camscanner&hl=de
I-Phone: https://itunes.apple.com/at/app/camscanner-free/id388627783?mt=8

Thanks a lot and Think Ice, Niklas  OE 221

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Sep 07


Dear friends,
Please check in time that you will have a proper TPL-insurance for icesailing. This is not only necessary for the “big events” like EC, but also for sailing during the rest of the season. I guess that every participant of WC and EC will try to get some meters of ice under his runners before travelling there.

Once again the items for a proper certificate of insurance:
1. the certificate must be in English language.
2. the liability cover must be at least 500.000,– €
3. the certificate must clearly show that this insurance covers sailing with iceboats including race events and training races.
4. the certificate must show, that the insurance covers the region of Europe including Baltic Sea and Northern Sea. If you have an insurance “worldwide” these regions are covered of course and it’s ok.
5. the certificate must clearly show, that it is valid at least for the time of the event. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jun 18

Dates European Championship and Euro Cup 2015

Dear Friends

Hosting Dutch Team, Race Committee and Commodore set the date for the European Championship and Euro Cup to March 1st until March 6th 2015.  You all know that it is a Event from Sunday (first race Monday) until Friday (sart of the last race no later than 14:00). Primary Site are the Netherlands. Alternates will be all other countries starting with Germany, Poland and so on.
The National Secretaries  are Meeting in Mid September in Riga. If you like to adress anything concerning racing rules, measurements, safety or other issues please inform your National Secretary latest by end of July.

Days are getting already shorter again this weekend. Think Ice!

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May 18

Baikal Week 2014

OpeningBaikalWeekRead the blog of Vladislav Ptasnik CZ-112 who tells impressive stories about the Baikal adventure and the racing in the 3 events.

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May 07



Dear Joerg!


Let’s give your optimism and cheerfulness for all of us farther !


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Apr 22

Runnertracks April 2014

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