Sep 15

Runner Tracks September 2015

Runnertracks-09-2015The new edition of Runner Tracks is out.

You can find it in the Runner Tracks section of IDNIYRA-Europe:

or on the Runner Tracks page of North America:
Think Ice, the new season is just around the corner.

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Aug 30

Great Western Challenge European edition 2016

Dear Friends,

A new special regatta is on the calender for the coming season.

The Great Western Challenge european edition

Please read the NOR and be there from 8/10-01-2016

The main goal of the event will be fun, friendship and sail as many races as possible.

We will sail on the best ice in Europe, to be enounced 2 days before the event.


for extra info, h467(a)


Think Ice

NOR GWC 2016


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Aug 13

WC/EC 2016 – DATE

Dear friends,


I mentioned a lot of information about WC/EC 2016 but I forgot the most important information.

WC and EC 2016 will be sailed from 23. January 2016 to 30. January 2016.

NOR will be published latest at the end of October.


Thanks and Think Ice


OE 221

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Aug 11

WC/EC 2016 – Slideshow

Dear friends,


we are hard working on the organization of WC and EC 2016.Logo

We pray that we will have a good winter in our region and we hope to host the events at Neusiedlersee in Austria.


We plan to make a slideshow with as many pictures as possible.

So I ask the whole international community to send some nice pictures to our “Dropbox”.

Please send the pictures in the highest resolution you have !

Videos are also welcome !


Thanks in advance and Think Ice



OE 221

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Jul 07


Dear friends,



this is an in advance information concerning registration for WC/EC 2016.


In the coming season we have a novelty.

At the National Secretaries Meeting we introduced the so called “Early-Entry”.

This means, every sailor who makes an online-registration within the first 14 days after registration has opened is allowed to pay a reduced entry-fee.


Please keep in mind that you only can register with an Insurance-ID.

Please be aware that this time WC/EC will be in January and registration opens on 01. December 2015 (12:00 CET). So “Early-Entry” will be possible until 15. December 2015 (24:00 CET).


Further information you will get – as usual – in the NOR, which I plan to post on this web-site latest on 25. October 2015.


You can send your confirmation of cover from now on.


Thanks and Think Ice



OE 221


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Jun 29


Dear friends,
Please check in time that you will have a proper TPL-insurance for icesailing. This is not only necessary for the “big events” like WC and/or EC, but also for sailing during the rest of the season. I guess that every participant of WC and EC will try to get some meters of ice under his runners before travelling there.


  1. the liability cover must be at least 500.000,– €
  2. the certificate must clearly show that this insurance covers sailing with iceboats including race events and training races.
  3. the certificate must show, that the insurance covers the region of Europe including Baltic Sea and Northern Sea. If you have an insurance “worldwide” these regions are covered of course and it’s ok.
  4. the certificate must clearly show, that it is valid at least for the time of the event.


Due to I got more and more normal word.doc as confirmation of cover, I have to state out that I can’t accept those.

Please understand that I need an official paper with signatures from your insurance company. I do not want to assume that anybody is cheating, but I have to check all insurances with the same rules.

Please be aware that I will check all insurances with the same accuracy.

*.dot files from a MAC I can’t open.

Please send *.pdf files or *.jpeg (jpg) files.

Please send your confirmation in high resolution !!!!



Insurances sent until January, 06th 2016; 24:00 (CET) will be assigned for a regular entry for WC/EC 2016.

If you send your confirmation at that very late stage, be aware that – if the confirmation is NOT OK – I will not assign any ID just because you are late. That’s not fair to all other sailors who sent their confirmations in time.

Then you will not be able to make a regular entry and you have to make a late entry.



As in the past years we offer for those sailors who really can not show a valid proof of insurance the SINGLE EVENT INSURANCE. As usual the fee for that is 50,– € and has to be paid at regatta check-in in cash.

To avoid any misunderstanding I have to inform that the so called “Single Event Insurance” is only for sailors from countries where we KNOW that they do not have any chance to get a proper insurance or an insurance for a tolerable amount.
First of all the goal is, that every sailor should have an insurance for the whole season. Not only at WC and EC. Second we try to have a spread of the risk. So the idea of the “Single Event Insurance” is only to make it every sailor possible to take part at WC (when held in Europe) and EC – not to make it easy for everyone to get an insurance. Please accept that not everybody who is asking for, will get a “Single Event Insurance”.



Please send the confirmation of cover of your insurances via e-mail at insurancemgr(at) (please use as subject: insurance WC 2016) (replace (at) with @ !! ) or send via snail mail to:

Niklas Müller-Hartburg

Eduard Klein Gasse 31

1130 Wien




I do not answer all mails and send your ID personal back to you.

You can find your insurance ID here:

I will start assigning Insurance-IDs at the beginning of September.

It is possible that it takes one or two days until I assign the Insurance-ID, but I will try to do that faster after registration is open (01.12.2015; 12:00 CET)

If you do not find any ID or did not get any answer – please make sure I received your confirmation of cover.

It’s your own and sole responsibility.




To have an Insurance-ID only allows you to enter at the Online-Registration. You are not obliged to do so.

Having an Insurance-ID does not mean that you are registered for the regatta !!!

More and more organizers from other regattas accept the Insurance ID as confirmation for having an insurance (if the date fits to the respective regatta).


thanks a lot and Think Ice



OE 221

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Jun 07

Minutes of Stockholm Sec. Meeting

Adobe_PDF_IconDear Friends,
the minutes of the Secretary Meeting in Stockholm are online; there is also an EDNIA notice to the board attached to. You can read or download it in the Minutes section of our website.

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May 10

Runner Tracks May 2015 published

RTMay2015The May 2015 Edition of Runner Tracks is available. You can download it from our Runner Tracks section or view it directly here:

Runner Tracks May 2015

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May 03

EIA statement on appeal of Fredrik Lönegren S-8

This appeal was filed by Fredrik Lönegren. S-8, against the jury decision in his protest against Lukasz Zakrzewski, P-155 at the European championships 2015, race 5 gold fleet.
Some minor procedural mistakes were made in convening this protest, which we will address in a separate note to the IDNIYRA-Europe Board, but these were not relevant to the outcome of this protest. In this protest, S-8 alleged that P-155, coming into the top mark on port tack, sailed between the mark and the darling mark before making his final tack and rounding the first top mark. Read the rest of this entry »

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Apr 15

Baikal Week 2015 – Results and Pictures

Russian Cup2015This years Baikal Week again was a fantastic event with DN sailors from Russia, Netherlands, United States, Sweden, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Tchechien and United Kingdom. There were 26 races in 3 regattas in one week. Congratulations to the organizers. Winner of the Russian Cup 2015 is Jost Kolb G-936 followed by Ron Sherry US-44 and Peter Hamrak H-53.

See amazing pictures from Uyuga Bay at Lake Baikal


Results: Russian Cup 2015  Baikal Cup 2015  Asia Cup 2015

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