Mar 15 2018

Election of IDNIYRA EU Board Members


Dear Fellow Ice Sailors,

This year we need to elect the following Board members:
  • Commodore
  • Vice Commodore
  • Treasurer
  • Insurance Manager
All recent members are ready to continue their duty in the Board except the Vice Commodore, Maciej Brosz.
The Junior Program Manager, Jerzy Sukow also told me, that he intends to resign from his recent position.
Herewith I would like to thank Jerzy and Maciej for the great job they did for our community.
I would like to ask all of you if you have any candidates for the vacant positions do not hesitate to nominate them.
First of all we need
Vice Commodore – for 2-years term
Junior Program Manager – for 1-year replacement till the end of the original term.
But if you are not happy with the work done by any of the Board members or only want to see someone else on those positions, please feel free to make a suggestion.
Your Commodore
Attila Pataky

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Mar 13 2018

BSS Sunny ranking – Finnish Championship 24.3.-25.3.2018

BSS – Sunny Ranking

Finnish Championship -race

Welcome to sail DN-regatta in Southern Finland on 24st and  25nd March 2018.

  • Race site will be selected on the preceding week. Site will be informed on the internet site
  • Skippers meeting Sat. 24st  March 2018 at 10.00.
  • Rules according to DN class, NIA, IDNIYRA rules.
  • All sailors must have a valid third party liability insurance.
  • Last race on Saturday shall be started latest 1/2 hours before sunset and last race on Sunday latest at 15.00hrs.
  • Entry fee 20eur will be collected at the site (registration).
  • Entry in the web, site:

Also late entry possible at site latest Sat. 24th at 9.00.

Kilpailukutsu PDF  – Notice of race in PDF

Race Committee
Borgå Segelsällskap

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Mar 11 2018

Swedish Championship 2018

Next weekend it’s time for the Swedish DN Championship of 2018!

When: March 17 – 18 
Where: Best ice in Sweden (decision ASAP but no later than March 15)

Head over to for more info and registration.

We look forward to welcome some of you on the ice!

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Mar 06 2018

Estonian Cup 4th stage on 10.03-11.03.2018

On 10.03-11.03.2018 it is planned to hold Estonian Cup 4th stage for DN and Ice-Optimist. For Ice-Optimist it is also the Estonian Championship 2018.

Today is best place in Kaugatoma, Saaremaa.

On 09.03-11.03.2018 Monotype-XV is competing for Estonian Championship 2018 and Erik von Holst’s Cup.

Everybody is welcome  !

NOR for IO and DN

NOR for Monotype-XV

Ice in Kaugatoma, Saaremaa – 03.03.2018 11:00

Ice thickness 18-20cm Snow: no snow.

Photos are taken on 06.03.2018 10:00

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Mar 04 2018

DN Finnish Championship-Race 10.-11.3.2018

Wellcome to DN Finnish Championship-Race 10.-11.3.2018
• The  racing site will be published on this web site latest
on thursday 8.3.2018 19.00 hrs.
• Skippers meeting Saturday  at 10.00 hrs and Sunday 9.00 hrs,
max 10 races during two days
Rules according to Finnish SM/Ranking-, NIA, IDNIYRA rules.
All sailors must have a valid third party liability insurance. Racing on your own risk.
• First start warning signal earliest on Saturday 10.55 and Sunday 9.55.
Last  start  on Sunday not later than 15.00 hrs..
• Entry fee 40 €  will be collected at the site (registration for race 8:00-9:00).
• Entry on web site:

• Also late entry possible at skippers meeting.


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Mar 02 2018


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